Sat. May 18th, 2024

Bahria Town Peshawar To Be Launched On 14th Aug 2023.

The original gated community has over 100,000 people and has series of projects.

Bahria Town Peshawar is a prestigious and ambitious housing project located in Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Developed by Bahria Town, one of the country’s leading real estate developers, the project aims to provide modern and luxurious living facilities to residents in the region.

Bahria Town Peshawar is designed to offer a comprehensive and self-sustained community with a range of residential options, commercial areas, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, parks, and recreational spaces. The town’s infrastructure is carefully planned to ensure a comfortable and secure lifestyle for its residents.

The project’s prime location and well-connected road networks make it easily accessible from different parts of the city, enhancing its appeal for potential homebuyers and investors.

With Bahria Town’s reputation for delivering high-quality developments across Pakistan, Bahria Town Peshawar is expected to uphold the same standards, contributing to the city’s urban development and providing a modern living experience for its residents.

It is divided into various phases and smaller projects. Unlike other housing societies in Pakistan, Bahria produces its own electricity and sells it to its resident through the Bahria Town Electric Supply Company.

Why is Bahria Town famous?

Bahria Town achieved fame due to its outstanding infrastructure and living ethics. Bahria Town now has different projects in numerous cities of the country.

What is the mission of Bahria Town?

Bahria Town aspires to be the greatest Pakistani real estate developer of all times, with projects offered to an eclectic mix of segments, at choice locations with world-class amenities, while ensuring the highest international standards, timely delivery and lifelong customer satisfaction.

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